April 25th, 2019 from 2:00PM - 3:00PM ET

Smart Contracts + Security = 🔒

What if a programmer built a flawed smart contract? Altering an existing published contract would be impossible because blockchains are immutable. As a result, attackers prey on contracts with vulnerabilities.

The solution: Filling the gap between testing a smart contract during development and a full-fledged security audit.

Join us at our upcoming webinar to:

  • ok-xxl  Walk through a set of smart contracts
  • ok-xxl  Explore the code and common flaws
  • ok-xxl  Check for vulnerabilities using MythX and its rich tool ecosystem

Whether you want to use your favourite IDE, Truffle, or even build your own tooling using Python, JavaScript, or plain old Bash, we have your back!

To learn more about our BlockTO meetup group, click here!


Become a Community Validator

Community Validators are individuals who respond and successfully fulfill the Bounty request we create for our BlockTO community. A Bounty request is a task that is put on the blockchain.

If successful in responding to the Bounty request, you will receive DAI (a cryptocurrency pegged against the US dollar), and a shoutout at our upcoming BlockTO webinar and ConsenSys Canada newsletter.

Block 10's Bounty request is to analyze smart contracts for security vulnerabilities.

To become a Community Validator, you will need to follow these three steps:

  • Fulfill the Bounty request
  • Fill out the form
  • Show up to our BlockTO webinar.

Anyone can become a Community Validator. We definitely encourage you to give this a try!

Become a Community Validator Now!

Who'll Be Speaking?


Dominik Muhs, Security Engineer at MythX


Mike Pumphrey, Marketing and Brand Manager at MythX