On-demand Community Session #1

The Codefi Sandboxes

A monthly session with the product leads of Codefi Assets, Codefi Payments, and Codefi Workflow.


Grasping the impact and functionalities of digital assets can be challenging. However, first-moving financial players have already started to take advantage of these innovations.

In the past two years, asset managers, investment banks, transfer agents, broker-dealers, central security depositories, registered investment advisors, and crowdfunding platforms across the globe have reached out seeking to better understand how the Codefi Assets platform and the Ethereum blockchain will change the way they issue, distribute, and manage their financial products. 

In response, we launched the Codefi Assets Sandbox—a testing platform that will allow financial institutions to assess and explore digital assets in a simulated digital ecosystem. The Assets Sandbox can be customised to the environment in which a financial institution operates, allowing experimentation, learning, training, and demonstration.

Join the Codefi Assets team as they discuss the launch of the sandbox and the first learnings from clients.

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Matthieu Bouchaud

Product Lead, Codefi Assets

Gauthier Petetin

Technology Lead, Codefi Assets

Create your blockchain financial infrastructure with ConsenSys Codefi.


ConsenSys Codefi is the blockchain application suite powering next-generation commerce and finance. Our vision is to lead the convergence of existing and decentralized financial technologies to create more accessible and equitable financial services for everyone, everywhere. 

We work with financial institutions, global enterprises, and Ethereum projects to digitize assets and financial instruments, launch decentralized networks, optimize business processes, and deploy production-ready blockchain solutions.