ConsenSys Grants Hackathon - NYC

The ConsenSys Grants hackathon in NYC was a success. Sign-up below for more updates regarding ConsenSys Grants

Building the Future of Ethereum

ConsenSys Grants will fund projects that are building the foundational infrastructure, tools and components required to improve the developer and user experience of Ethereum.

Participants Criteria:
Must have an interest and/or basic understanding of Ethereum, UX/UI, writing code or any skill that will help create the next great project on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can form teams before the hackathon or we can help pair you with others at the hackathon. Teams no bigger than 5, please!



  • 1st place $1500
  • 2nd place $1000
  • 3rd place $500


Hackathon Criteria:
Build your project along one of the following tracks
Infrastructure L1 and L2
Including research, scalability, privacy, interoperability.
Education and Technical Knowledge
Building tutorials for developing with the web3 stack.
Usability and Dev Tooling
Including wallets, linters, next gen user onboarding.
Social Impact
Enabling the betterment of society and/or democratize public access to resources.
Including platforms, tools, languages, (formal) verification, usability.

Hackathon Registration (Closed) 

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