ConsenSys Labs Virtual Hackathon - Worldwide

Calling All Nights & Weekends BUIDL'ers.
Get Paid to Launch Your Next Blockchain Startup

Taking place from June 24th - July 10th, 2019



Judges will award one prize in each category for the team that best expresses product and potential:
1st place stands to win - 24 Eth
2nd place - 12 Eth 
3rd place - 6 Eth



Our Labs' team of experts will be coaching you and giving you guidance, across: UX/UI, business model design, consumer interviews, how to secure SME's and advisors, finding an addressable market and all the tools and mentorship you need to build your blockchain startup, including a full suite of Ethereum developer tools.


Pitch Prep

The three winning teams will get pitch prep and a 30 min interview with our Tachyon Accelerator selection crew. You'll be coached on how to get your product and team prepared to enter our Labs Tachyon Accelerator and get first-pass at an interview.


Event Schedule

Agenda and Timelines


Ramp Up
June 24th - July 1st

Review the bounties, join the Discord, and find your teams. ConsenSys Labs will be hosting a series of open hours to talk about ideas and let entrepreneurs pitch and workshop potential ideas for the Hackathon.

Get Buidl'ing
July 1st - July 10th

You and your teams will begin to self-organize and working to identify large addressable markets, talking to subject matter experts, honing in on valuable problems for customers and building the product to solve those problems. This Hackathon is meant to hone in your entrepreneurial instincts, in addition to building a product.


July 10th - July 15th

All bounty submissions must be received no later than 11:59 PM EDT on July 10th, 2019 to be considered. All submissions must be submitted via the Github repository in order to be considered for the prize pool.

Winning Teams Prizes & Pitch Prep
July 15th - July 31st

The winning teams will be rewarded bounties across team members, and 30 min interview prep calls will be scheduled to get teams ready to apply to Tachyon III, our Accelerator program.

Entrepreneurial Tracks

No Code? No Problem

We are looking for projects that address a real problem and teams that have shown the progress and entrepreneurial instincts to make something real and get it out in the world.

All tracks will be issued and submitted through our partner Gitcoin via their bounty issues, process.

We expect all bounties to be comprised of two distinct parts: product and potential. All submissions, including all code, must be open source for future use and reference by the community, and links to external documents must be provided in the Github repo submission.


Valuable Exchange: Designing an Open Transaction Economy

Online News

Breaking News: Reinventing the Online News Economy


Better Medicine: Building Price Transparency and Data Protection
Bounty Write-Ups and Judging Criteria

As these bounties are broad and left up to your own discretion, we expect you to deliver the following items tailored for your specific solution:

  • A specific industry, user, and use case for which you are solving
  • Unique insights about the industry gathered through primary or secondary research
  • Evidence of team-wide entrepreneurial behavior and spirit throughout the Relay
  • Proof that the market you’ve identified is primed to be disrupted in the next 6-12 months
  • Testimonial from an industry Subject Matter Expert (SME) who is serving as an advisor
  • Proof that blockchain adds significant value to this solution over centralized alternatives

We are looking for participating teams to articulate both broadly and specifically how their proposed solution affects widespread industry orthodoxies. A team that delivers a specific solution must show us how this solution can be rolled out more broadly to impact the industry (or other industries) at large. Conversely, a team that solves in generalities must describe how they anticipate testing their ideas in specific, measurable experiments.