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Digital Securities in Germany

The latest blockchain technology updates for the financial market in Germany powered by ConsenSys & DPS

On-Demand Webinar in German

“Ethereum has evolved to become the largest blockchain ecosystem in the world. The federal government of Germany, along with the federal ministry of finances and the BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), has introduced several laws and regulations in recent years intending to build a solid foundation for digital assets.” Forbes

ConsenSys and DPS, a member of the ConsenSys Partner Program are thrilled to share with you this unique session to explore the latest updates of the Digital Securities in Germany. 

This webinar will help you understand the opportunities of the Digital Asset industry specifically in Germany and get an overview of the regulatory framework in the region. 

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Dr. Susanne Grohé

Partner, Annerton

Joachim Dorschel

Managing Partner, DPS

Dr. Anna Izzo-Wagner

Partner, Annerton

Philip Matov

Digital Asset, ConsenSys

Florian Sager

Advisor on Digitalisation for the Banking Industry


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