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The future of business collaboration

Enterprise Ethereum is the implementation of the Ethereum codebase for business applications.
It enables businesses, governments and leading organizations to benefit from increased trust, improved network alignment,
heightened operational efficiency, new business models, and opportunities for value creation.


Trust relationships between business entities is expensive. Blockchain enables businesses to trust that everything recorded on a blockchain is virtually impossible to hack or manipulate. Trust is therefore placed in technology instead of middlemen, reducing the costs of collaboration. Enterprise Ethereum expands the scope of this benefit with its programmable capacity to support business use-cases and applications across all industries.



Businesses are often encumbered with antiquated processes in order to operate with one another. Ethereum rectifies this by streamlining and securing network operations between businesses by creating a shared process model between them through the blockchain. These common processes, also known as smart contracts, can be performed, automated and verified for cost saving, data coordination and operational efficiency, benefiting and aligning an entire business ecosystem as well as their bottom lines.




Ethereum’s built-in tokenization capacity creates the possibility to radically improve business performance through the digitization of assets. This empowers business to reap the benefits of secure, scalable and rapid asset transfers, fractionalized ownership of real world assets, tokenized micro-economies and accountable transparent governance systems. This gives rise to innovations that empower businesses to improve organizational efficiencies, unlock new business opportunities, and gain sustainable competitive advantages.


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