Welcome to Enterprise Ethereum

Private, permissioned Ethereum blockchain networks are being implemented by companies around the globe to lower costs, increase efficiency and create new markets and revenue streams. Come to this hour long introduction to learn about business blockchains and Ethereum for enterprise:

ok-xxl  Learn how enterprise Ethereum implementations differ from the public Ethereum blockchain

ok-xxl  See use cases around privacy and scalability from various industries.

ok-xxl  Learn how blockchain and enterprise Ethereum can benefit your business.

ok-xxl  Find out how to get started, what resources, solutions and implementation partners are available.

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Enterprise Ethereum

Ethereum is the world’s first fully programmable blockchain. It is made to build unstoppable applications that run exactly as programmed, without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, or 3rd party interference.

Enterprise Ethereum enables businesses to reduce the cost of trust, improve organizational efficiencies and unlock new business opportunities. The world is recognizing the transformative potential of this and is activating the beginnings of the Ethereum blockchain revolution.


Who'll Be Speaking?

Clemens Wan headshot.jpeg

Clemens Wan, ConsenSys,Solutions Architect. Prev: R3 Corda, Credit Suisse

Jeff Gillis headshot.jpeg

Jeff Gillis, Product and Marketing, ConsenSys Prev: Google Inc

Alex Voto.jpeg

Alex Voto, ConsenSys, Regional Director Prev: Blockchain Futures Lab

Ryan Fisch.jpeg

Ryan Fisch, ConsenSys Solutions Architect, Prev. Current Media

Constantin Kostenko headshot.jpeg

Constantin Kostenko, ConsenSys, Blockchain Solutions Architectures, Ventures and Platforms. Prev: Booz Allen

vijay Michalik.jpeg

Vijay Michalik, Strategy, PegaSys, Pantheon, Prev. Frost & Sullivan