Thursday, March 14, 2019
12pm - 1pm EST

Business blockchain networks have very different needs from individual users on a peer-to-peer network. For example, private transfers of data or value is a must-have for enterprise networks that need to manage sensitive high volume transfers between companies while tracking quality and holding themselves accountable to safety and regulatory standards in their industries. Specific transaction data  —  e.g. quantity, price, address, product name, personally identifiable financial information, etc.  —  should be withheld from or made available to network participants depending on their roles. In this webinar, learn what transaction privacy is and how it is achieved in Enterprise Ethereum networks.

ok-xxl  Background: what are simple private transfers on a blockchain.

ok-xxl  Difference between data that affects stored state and data that does not.

ok-xxl  How to update state without revealing value.

ok-xxl  Find out what resources, solutions and implementation partners are available.


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Enterprise Ethereum

Ethereum is the world’s first fully programmable blockchain. It is made to build unstoppable applications that run exactly as programmed, without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, or 3rd party interference.

Enterprise Ethereum enables businesses to reduce the cost of trust, improve organizational efficiencies and unlock new business opportunities. The world is recognizing the transformative potential of this and is activating the beginnings of the Ethereum blockchain revolution.


Who'll Be Speaking?

Peter Munnings Adhara

Peter Munnings Co-Founder Adhara, Project Khokha. Previously of ConsenSys, First Rand Bank

Jeff Gillis headshot.jpeg

Jeff Gillis, Product and Marketing, ConsenSys. Previously of Google Inc


Coenie Beyers Software Engineer Adhara, Project Khokha. Previously of ConsenSys, First Rand Bank


Ryno BeyersBlockchain R&D Engineer, Adhara. Previously of ConsenSys