Welcome to Consensus Algorithms and IBFT 2.0

During this technical webinar, we will deep dive into consensus algorithms for blockchains, particularly IBFT 2.0, and why it is important for a number of use cases and consortium chains. You will learn about:

ok-xxl  High-Level Overview of Ethereum’s consensus algorithms

ok-xxlDeep Dive into design and rationale behind PegaSys implementing IBFT 2.0, including finality for consortia

ok-xxl  Learn how to set up your own IBFT network

ok-xxl  Watch a brief IBFT 2.0 Demo

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About Us

PegaSys (Protocol Engineering Groups and Systems) is a 55-person team dedicated to enterprise grade blockchain at ConsenSys. By building Enterprise Ethereum, we can bring together the strengths of public and private blockchains: a large developer community while meeting enterprise needs for privacy and permissioning. We are focused on privacy, permissioning, scalability, and other features to make Ethereum production-ready.

Who'll Be Speaking?

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 20.45.35

Trent Mohay, Blockchain Protocol Engineer

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 20.50.26

Chris Hare, Blockchain Protocol Engineer