ConsenSys Grants Toronto

Join us in Toronto August 16th - August 18th
for our hackathon.


Help Build the Future of Ethereum

The goal of this hackathon is to bring developers, designers, and entrepreneurs together to create solutions that will improve the developer and user experience in the Ethereum ecosystem.
Choose one of the following tracks to build your project. We will be announcing each track’s challenge on August 16th.

Infrastructure L1 and L2

Challenge: In order for Ethereum to be utilized by billions of people, critical infrastructure (i.e., scaling solutions) still needs to be built out. Come up with a solution that will help improve the scalability, privacy, or interoperability of Ethereum. 

Education and Technical Knowledge

Challenge: Help improve the onboarding experience of new and existing developers through tutorials or educational tools for developing with the Web3 Stack.

Usability and Dev Tooling

Challenge: Continue to support the Ethereum developer ecosystem and enhanced user experiences by building tools that will improve developer kits and create friendlier user experiences.

Social Impact

Challenge: Ethereum has the infrastructure built to tackle pressing social issues. Leveraging the power of Ethereum, create a solution that enables the betterment of society and/or democratizes public access to resources.


Challenge: Altering published smart contracts is impossible because blockchains are immutable. As a result, attackers prey on smart contracts with vulnerabilities. Create a solution that improves the developer experience with security on Ethereum.


Friday, August 16th

6:30PM - 7:30PM - Registration + Dinner

7:30PM - 8:30PM - Opening Ceremony

  • Keynote: How Blockchain will Unlock the Future of Work, Bryan Peters

8:30PM - 9:30PM - Team Formation + Ideation

9:30PM - Closing Remarks

Saturday, August 17th

9:00AM - 10:00AM - Breakfast

10:30AM - 3:00PM - Tech Talks + Workshops

  • 9:45AM - 10:30AM: Cross Chain Atomic Swaps: From Conception to Production, Matthew Black and Tony Cai 

  • 10:30AM - 11:15AM: An Escrow Smart Contract Using Solidity, Niloo Ravaei

  • 11:30AM - 12:15PM: Exploring Layer-2 Scalability, John Adler

  • 3:00PM - 3:45PM: Introduction to State Channels, Natalie Chin

12:30PM - 1:30PM - Lunch

6:30PM - 7:30PM - Dinner

10:00PM - Hackers Go Home

Sunday, August 18th

9:00AM - 10:00AM - Breakfast

10:30AM - Hackathon Project Submission Deadline

11:15AM - 12:30PM - Judging

12:30PM - 1:30PM - Lunch

1:30PM - 2:30PM - Closing Ceremony

Hackathon Details


  • August 16th - 18th 2019


  • 220 King St W #300, Toronto, ON M5H 1K4

Prizes (in CAD):

  • 1st place $1,500 in ETH
  • 2nd place $1,000 in ETH
  • 3rd place $500 in ETH

What We Bring:

  • Meals
  • Mentors
  • Workshops
  • Prizes
  • Swag
  • And more!
For any questions about the hackathon, please reach us at canada-community@consensys.net.

Hackathon Registration (Closed)

Please sign up for the waitlist below. We will reach out if current registrants drop out. Thank you!



Judges & Speakers

John Adler

Applied Researcher & Development Engineer, ConsenSys

Bryan Peters

Co-Founder, Sobol

Niloo Ravaei

Co-Founder & CTO, Hello Iris

Igor Lilic

Principal Technical Lead, ConsenSys

Natalie Chin

Blockchain Developer, Intelliware

Tony Cai

Product Lead, Atomic Loans

Matthew Black

Dev Lead, Atomic Loans

Karima Williams

ConsenSys Grants Program Manager, ConsenSys


General Assembly - 220 King St West, Unit 300

Toronto, ON M5H 1K4


For any questions about the hackathon, please reach us at canada-community@consensys.net.







What is ConsenSys Grants Hackathon and how does it relate to the ConsenSys Grants Program?

The goal of ConsenSys Grants is to support and fund projects that will help grow the Ethereum ecosystem. The ConsenSys Grants Hackathon-Toronto is an opportunity for teams to come up with solutions that will help improve developer and user experiences in this space. Relevant projects that come out of our hackathon will be expedited through our ConsenSys Grants Program and sent to our ConsenSys Grants committee for review.

Can I start working on my hackathon project before the event?

No, we do not allow for pre-existing projects to be submitted at our ConsenSys Grants Hackathon-Toronto.

Who should attend?

Everyone and anyone! If you have the interest to help grow the Ethereum ecosystem, this hackathon is for you!

How do I form a team

We will be doing team formation on Friday, August 16th. Please note that there is a limit of 5 members per team.

Is there an age limit?

You must be 18+ to participate. However, waivers are granted to individuals under the age of 18. You must have the waiver signed before attending the hackathon.

Will there be travel reimbursement?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any reimbursement for travel expenses. Also, note that this is NOT an overnight event.

Will I be awarded a grant if I win?

Potentially. Grants will not be awarded at ConsenSys Grants Hackathon-Toronto. However, if your team is part of the top 3, your project will be forwarded to our Grants board for review and potential funding!


Other Grants Hackathons

ConsenSys Grants Hackathons will be taking place all over the world throughout 2019.

Dates and RSVP information will be coming soon, so check back frequently to not lose your spot!

About ConsenSys Grants

ConsenSys Grants funds projects that meet the needs of a rapidly accelerating Ethereum ecosystem. Some key areas include: core infrastructure, improved developer tooling and UX, security, and access to knowledge for both developers and users. We are equally focused on funding core components and technology that will enable far reaching social impact projects.

Throughout 2019 we will give away $550,000 worth of grants dispersed in amounts of $10,000 and $25,000 via Gitcoin, a community-driven tool that allows grantees to receive a stream of payments subject to successful milestones being met. ConsenSys Grants will support projects by connecting the community of grantees and by providing access to ConsenSys members and the Grants Advisory Committee. In addition, ConsenSys will help highlight grantee projects through ConsenSys Media and Kauri, a technical knowledge community for Open Source Software.

Final Note:

Participation in ConsenSys Grants hackathons does not guarantee ConsenSys Grants funding. The purpose of this hackathon is to bring developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds together to learn, develop and create innovative solutions that will improve the greater Ethereum ecosystem. The teams that build and present at the ConsenSys Grants hackathons are not guaranteed funding, but can potentially be granted funding at a later date. Hackathon prizes will vary from city to city.