Financial Inclusion, Advanced by Digital Currencies

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According to the last Metamask survey on Emerging Markets, Nigerians revealed that investing in crypto enables the achievement of certain financial goals, ie: paying for university tuition or establishing a fund for major future expenses like buying property or sending a child to college.

Meanwhile, 86% of central banks are actively researching the potential of CBDCs—according to 2021 findings by the Bank of International Settlement (BIS). 

Considering the race for digital currencies, and the adoption of crypto in emerging markets, wallet providers have a significant role to play in order to provide a seamless user experience.

ConsenSys is working toward fostering collaboration between central banks, financial institutions, payment service providers, and wallet providers. This webinar will collate insights from industry leaders who are deeply engaged in moving things forward. 

We will cover the following discussion points:

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Adeola Adetunji

Executive Director, Waxed Mobile

Catherine Gu

Global CBDC Lead, VISA

Shailee Adinolfi

Director of Strategic Sales, ConsenSys

Albi Rodriguez Jaramillo

Head of Ecosystems and Communities, LACChain

Jean-Michel Godeffroy

Former ECB Director

Monica Singer

ConsenSys South Africa Lead


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